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10 best street food, snacks and desserts in Asakusa near Sensoji Temple

Mar 31, 2024

Asakusa Taco Taco Koromo Brothers’s takoyaki are known for their fuwatoro texture, which means they have a fluffy outer layer but a thick, stew-like consistency inside. A set of five takoyaki goes for ¥700, but you should get the popular takosen, which is much easier to enjoy with one hand. It features two takoyaki dumplings sandwiched between giant shrimp crackers and drizzled with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise and koromo (crispy tempura batter). It’s best enjoyed on the spot as the cracker starts to get soggy after a few minutes.

The menu also offers a ring-shaped black wagyu beef croquette (¥300) as well as deep-fried manju with fillings like red bean paste (¥400), camembert cheese (¥450) and matcha custard (¥500).

In the evening after 6pm, the spacious café turns into an izakaya, where you can dine on classic Japanese pub grub alongside takoyaki and takosen.