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Best Things to Eat and Drink Epcot Food and Wine for $50: Photos, Cost

Jul 15, 2023

I've been visiting Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival for a decade. This year, the festival features 25 "global marketplaces" — kiosks offering food and drinks inspired by cuisines around the world — as well as nightly concerts, themed merchandise, and fun scavenger hunts.

The event is included in normal Epcot admission, and since most menu items cost between $5 and $10, it's one of my favorite inexpensive ways to get the most bang for my buck at Disney World.

I set out to see what a $50 gift card could buy me as I ate and drank my way around the festival, which runs through November 18. I was able to purchase eight total items, making the average cost per item about $6.25.

Here's everything I tried.

The line for the France kiosk is often one of the longest at the festival, but this was worth it.

The warm beignet is filled with a three-cheese blend and topped with more crispy cheese. When I bit into it, the oozy, melted cheese combined with the soft, buttery bread was heaven.

This wasn't my first Food & Wine Festival rodeo, and in the hot Florida sun, I know hydration is key.

Before I tried any alcoholic drinks at the festival, I was sure to get some water.

The Belgium booth's beer-braised beef looked like the perfect comfort food, with its veggie-filled braising liquid and Gouda mashed potatoes.

It wasn't the prettiest-looking dish, but the meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and I kept going back for bites of the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Grilled Halloumi cheese is among my favorite foods, so I had to try this version topped with pistachios and honey at the Greece kiosk.

Paired with the Greek rosé I tried, it was Food & Wine Festival bliss.

The light and refreshing pour of Greek rosé was a great first drink of the festival.

Skouras' dry rosé retails for about $14 a bottle, so paying $6 a glass at a festival didn't feel like an imposition at all.

To give myself some time to get hungry again, I made my next stop a drink-only one at the Shimmering Sips kiosk. I tried a beer mimosa, made with Boulevard Brewing Company's Berry Noir sour ale and sparkling wine.

I'd never had beer in a mimosa before, but I really loved this drink — even though it was the most expensive thing I bought.

Another secret to surviving a hot day at Disney World is to eat enough protein, so I made sure to stop at the Australia kiosk to try the lamb chop.

The perfectly-cooked meat was topped with mint pesto and crunchy flakes of potato. It was great for a late-afternoon energy boost.

I finished my trip with a bit of dessert — a warm chocolate-pudding cake topped with Irish-cream custard.

At less than $5, this was the most inexpensive dish I ordered, but the warm chocolate and creamy glaze were delicious. I'd definitely order it again.

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I tested out how many menu items I could purchase and try with a $50 gift card.Everything I tried, from Greek rosé to an Australian-inspired lamb chop, was affordable and tasty.